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Taking Responsibility for Our Emissions

Through the partnerships made, the interest garnered and the knowledge shared, we firmly believe that this event will have a net negative impact on global carbon emissions. However, we can’t fully measure this and it doesn’t take away from the fact that Carbon Unbound summits emit emissions in the short term. Therefore, we have partnered with Milkywire’s Climate Transformation Fund to take responsibility for the summit’s emissions.**

For our London summit, we are pledging a minimum* of £6300 to invest in the future of CDR technologies.


*As we expect a difference between our estimated and actual impact, we will be collecting data throughout the campaign and updating our final pledge accordingly after the event takes place. We have set the above pledge as a minimum commitment, and even if our emissions fall below our estimation, we will still be donating the above amount to Milkywire’s Climate Transformation Fund.
**This does not mean we are claiming carbon neutrality. 


£35 per ton

As a small, privately owned company we have set an internal carbon price of £35 per ton, based on Milkywire's recommended range for small companies. This will be used for each ton of carbon emitted at the summit.


As we scale, we will endeavour to increase our internal carbon price, mitigate emissions where possible, as well as collect important data to make our measurements more precise. 

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